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hp_obscures's Journal

The First Annual 2005 HP Crackfic Awards
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Some of you may have heard of hposcars, a wonderfully intentioned community dedicated to highlighting the very best of the best fan fiction in Harry Potter fandom, voted by a panel of esteemed readers and writers.

This community has no such lofty or admirable goals. While the hposcars may be the fandom equivalent of the Academy Awards, we are surely no less than the fandom equivalent of the Golden Raspberries.

I noticed when reading through the list of categories at that site that there were some areas that were direly lacking. Where, perchance, can one nominate the best fic in 2005 that featured zombies? Where for art the category for 'best romance between plant and animal', bitches?

And thus, hp_obscures was born to honour the delirious, the dirty and the downright stupid. Because we will not let the unsung heroes of crackfic be forgotten this year!